Further information on Tours and Experience

Bus party tours

If you have a large group or are a tour doing regular visits then please phone or email for a discussion about our price discounts.

All tours are guided and we have a selection of tours, which last between one and four hours, the focus can be on one of a number of topics, or can be general.
The bunker a listed building which is over eighty years old. It is the surviving bunker of a group of three that were constructed in the area to help interpret the output of the Chain Home set of RDF/radar towers. The building is warm and dry. However since it has two underground levels it cannot accomodate non-amulant visitors.

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The Ultimate Experience. Cost: £25 per person.

During WW2 ladies were selected as filter room operators. They were better able to do the job than men.

In this WW2 experience you will be trained in early Radar operations - using simulation systems - and in the tasks WW2 Filter staff had to do to plot aircraft positions.

Can you detect the incoming bombers and correctly plot them on the maps?

4-5 hours of fun; Age 14+, groups of up to 12, A minimum of 6 people are needed for the experience. If your group is smaller than this we can open the experience up to the public.

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Elite Private Tour. From £250 per group.

For the special occasion, this is a private tour for Individuals or perhaps for Family+Friends on a special occassion.

The tour can be focussed on any special interest of the group - radio, radar, cold-war, bunker history etc. We can handle groups of up to eight.

The tour will be guided by a curator with detailed knowledge of the Bunker.

You should allow 4 hours or more for the tour.

As part of the tour you will get to experience the radar displays and understand the operation of the Filter-room.

Your guide will have access to all areas of the building - for example Life Support and the Generator area.

If appropriate access to the Lynx Helicopter and to the FV439 APC "tank" can be provided.

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School/Scout Group; Free for local groups.

This tour is aimed at upper primary and secondary school pupils. It is focussed on World War Two and Cold War times.

For any specific group we have a maximum of 10 pupils, with the assistance of the school we can run 'staggered' tours where groups move through the tour at 15 minute intervals.

The tours last for betwen one and one and a half hours. They are guided.

As well a experiencing the bunker, demonstrations of WW2 Radar are available.

A brief discussion on the cold-war is an option.

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Small Group. Cost: £60 per group.

This is the basic tour for a small group.

A maximum of eight people.

This is a guided tour and lasts about two hours. The guide will discuss the many uses of the bunker - from 1940 up to the present day - RAF Filter room, Royal Observer Corps, Nuclear hardening, Council Emergency Response Centre.

To those interetsed a brief demo of the operation of a WW2 filter-room is available.

Interesting cold-war equipment is available.

In the two hours it will not be possible to give access to all areas.

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Raigmore Estate Locals. Free.

This is a free tour for Raigmore locals.

It is the same as the "Join in" public tour, but is free of charge to residents.

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Large Groups; Contact us for costs and advice.

This is the option for larger groups. We can run up to 4 tours - each with their own guide. We have slightly staggered start to keep the tours apart. With the size of the bunker there is no conflict.

While waiting (if not on the first tour) and on return from the earlier tours each group will get to learn a wee bit of morse code and can view and explore the APC and the Helicopter.

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"Join in" groups. Cost: £12 per person; £20 for a family of four. Concessions.

These are public tours wich require advanced booking.

The tour will last for about two hours and you will be accompanied by a guide. Together you will look at the ww2, cold-war, and Regional and Highand Council use of the bunker.

Our booking web-site accepts bookings for one or more attendees.

Note that a tour can only run with 5 or more attendees.

Part of the tour will include a brief "Filter-room Experience".

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