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Behind the Radar - Inverness

We are sorry, but we cannot accept 'drop in' visitors. We can often accomodate visits at short-notice, but we need pre-bookings.

Numbers are strictly limited

Visit this link to see what tours are scheduled Click here

Please phone to discuss a booking

All bookings are made online

0845 463 463 3

Mon-Sat 09:00-17:00

Di-L gu Di-S 09:00-17:00


Where are we?

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Essential to pre-book.

Walking distance of central Inverness

Easy to find

Ample free parking

Essential to pre-book.

Entry Prices

Large or regular visits? Please phone or email for discount prices.

We have a selection of tours, which last between 1 and 4 hours.
The bunker a listed building it is over 80 years old. It is warm and dry. Since it has 2 underground stories it cannot accomodate non-amulant visitors.

The Ultimate Experience

Could you operate WW2 radar?

In this experience you will be trained in early WW2 Radar operations and in the tasks WW2 Filter staff had to do to plot aircraft positions.

4-5 hours of fun; Age 14+, groups of up to 12

Elite Private Tour

Individual or Family+Friends
  • Up to six people
  • Curator Guide
  • 4 Hour Guided Tour
  • Filter-room Experience
  • Access to all areas
  • Lynx Helicopter and FV439 access

School Group

WW2+Cold War Focus
  • 15 pupils max
  • 1 1/2 Hour Guided Tour
  • Group Guides
  • WW2 Radar demo
  • Cold-war discussion
  • Limited areas access

Small Group

Public Tour
  • Up to eight people
  • 2 Hour Guided Tour
  • Group Guide
  • Brief WW2 filter-room demo
  • Cold-war
  • Limited areas access

Raigmore Estate Locals

Free Tour for locals
  • 2 Hour Guided Tour
  • Small Groups
  • Filter room Experience
  • Limited Area access

Large Groups

Staggered starts
  • 11-40 total people
  • 2 Hour Guided Tour
  • Multiple Guides
  • Brief WW2 filter-room demo
  • Access to most areas

"Join in" groups

Public Tour
  • 2 Hour Guided Tour
  • Individual booking accepted
  • Only runs with 5 or more people
  • Filter room Experience
  • Most Areas

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